Friday, 1 January 2016

New Years Wargaming Resolution's

In an attempt to organise myself and hopefully get a bit more done this year I have resolved to write a plan. So first up a list of outstanding projects:

1. Mordhiem buildings - I've finished building them, now I need to paint the buggers, I'll need some extras; statues, crates, barrels, maybe some extra walk ways and other bits of dressing.

2. Mordhiem Warband - Dark Elves first, then my Mercs. This should be a relatively quick job considering the size of the warbands. Having said that I have started the elves then hit a bit a painting block.

3. Lord of the Rings - I've been working on my various LoTRs armies for years, finished Rohan, Dwarfs and a quite a large Mordor/Angmar force.This year I really want to finish all the minis I've already purchased including my Elves (around 40 infantry and 6 cav), extra Orcs (30 odd infantry, 14 cav and a couple of trolls) and extras (another 30 odd figures, 2 giant eagles and an Ent).

These are the three projects I really want finished in 2016, I've got some other projects that I've effectively shelved (maybe lofted would be more accurate)
These include my Perry War of the Roses, Epic Space Wolves, Eldar and add-on s for my Death Guard and IG.
Next a list of other projects I've been contemplating:

1. Fallout, inspired by all the excellent project logs on the lead adventure forum post-apoc section and the AARs for the this is not a test game not to mention Fallout 4 I really want to start a wastle land terrain project and a couple of factions, emphasis on a "couple" one of my Wargaming faults is the fact I can never seem to just pick up one faction of any game I get into, it starts with "I need two, my lads will need opponents" then snow balls from there. Well no more I'm gonna concentrate on one faction, probably lowly wastelanders, this way I can theme my terrain around them, for Wastelanders I was thinking of a ramshackle settlement for them to defend.

2. Game of Thrones, following the new Perry 100yr wars French stuff this is a really tempting project, the French infantry really match my mental image of the armies of Westeros and Lion Rampant, which is probably the game I've enjoyed the most in 2015, would be perfect for the size of army I'd like to build.
I could even repurpose my war of the Roses stuff into a Lannister force.

3. Publish some rules, well publish sounds a bit grandiose for my ambition's. I've worked on a couple of sets (I have a few note books of scribbling stored away) its fun but I've always come to the conclusion that theres already been something better that's already been done, and really how many fantasy skirmish games does the world need? So I really want to do modding of existing sets I'm working on a mod for Dragon Rampant at the moment which hopefully shouldn't take too long to get out there.

So onto my resolutions:

1. No more Games Workshop figures. Its not that I hate them with the vehemence that I regularly see on the various forums and facebook pages, its just they really don't make much that I'm interested in now, I've spent so much money on there stuff over the years almost my entire collection of Wargames stuff is GW, I think that's a bit of shame when there are so many great little figure makers out there that desrve support. This may sound a bit strange considering the recent announcement they have made re specialist games and the fact that a large part of my hobby time is spent on the games people say they are going to revive, it's just I don't think Mordhiem or Epic need another edition, I enjoy them as they are and the're free and supported by the community.

1.5. No more buying any miniatures until Salute, that's right if I write it down I'm defintely going to stick to it.

2. More blogging. This includes recording every game I have on the blog even if its just a couple pics and a paragraph.

3. Sell what I'm never going to use, this one pretty self explanatory.

So that's it, I'm going to do a mid year review so lets see if I can stick to the plan. Happy New year!

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  1. Great sounding plan for 2016. One thought. A few years back I sold off most of the projects I wasn't going to get too and extras from projects that I had deemed finished. I'm glad to have gotten rid of the projects I wouldn't get to but the extras from the unfinished projects have come back to haunt me as my rules choices changed and more figures are needed to fill out the ranks. Not trying to disaude you from selling off just recommending you go in with a clear head.

    Like you my LOTR figures have languished but now with Dragon Rampant coming out I hoping to get them painted and on the table.