Wednesday, 14 June 2017

A list of projects

On going project lists:

Active (have been worked on in the last 6 months)

Skaven - Finish painting up everything I have built

Mordheim - Finish painting buildings, hopefully this project will be a lot easier now I have my air brush set up

Epic Orks - Finish 6000pts of Orks for NetEpic

Terrain - Add more terrain to my generic collection (rivers, farm buildings, bridge, new trees) Repaint Epic buildings with airbrush and add more natural features to the Epic board (Hills, burnt out forests, rough ground and maybe polluted river)

Secondary Projects (Mostly bought everything/started painting)

Epic Space Wolves

Epic Eldar

Elves for Lord of the Rings

War of the Roses - Need light cav and more Bow & Bill

Generic Fantasy figures from multiple manufactures

Inquisimunda/Shadow War - including gangs and board

Tertiary Projects (In the planning stages, little or nothing bought)

Old West

Victorian Gothic

Very British Civil War

Fantasy Pirates

10mm Fantasy

Nearly Complete Projects

Epic Imperial Guard - Need to finish titans and characters

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