Friday, 17 July 2015

Possible Frostgrave alternatives

I didn't get on the nickstarter for Frostgrave for a couple of reasons.
Firstly I wasn't that enamoured with the sculpts, I mean they look ok but nothing to write home about, the plastics have a lot of potential and I'm sure they will be people making lots of lovely conversions and mash ups with some of the other plastic sets on the market.
Secondly money, or rather the lack of it. It's hard justifying spending any cash on new figs when I have a few hundred unpainted ones in the pile.
Which leads me to this post, originally I was gonna use my WFB figs that I was (am☺) going to use for Mordheim, having played Frostgrave at Salute and then reading up on the back story I realised that the figs didn't really fit (this is purely subjective) with the vibe of the rules.
Sooo after searching the pile I came up with this little lot:

Obviously these guys are my wizards and apprentices, the only non GW LOTR figs are from the Perry crusader line.

I'm gonna use these as my grunts for my good wizards, probably use orcs for the not so good wizards minions.

I've got various character miniatures for the other types of henchmen. Now I just have to get the rulebook!

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  1. Some great choices there. Looking forward to seeing them painted up and ready for action