Sunday, 26 January 2014

First Post...

...Hopefully of many, I intend to use this Blog to record my attempts at painting war games miniatures, mostly Epic scale (6mm) miniatures from Gamesworkshop. First up on the to do list, is my Chaos Space Marines, I'm hoping to emulate my 40K traitor marines in terms of colour scheme. Also have a BFG fleet to build and paint from the same Legion.

It's a home made Legion called Idolators, they began life as a mixture of Space Wolves and Word Bearers (lots of Demons). However my grubby paint job always led people to assume they were followers of Papa Nurgle, I went with it and used them as Plague marines up until I stopped playing 40K. I plan to use the Black Legion EA list for my Epic guys.

Quick note about the blog: I'm going to try use my phone (it's got a semi-decent camera) for most of my updates just for convenience, so there should be plenty of pics but not much writing.

Thanks for Reading.

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